Conventional ultrasound is done by a sonographer, or sometimes by the Radiologist using a handheld. Images are documented and interpreted by the Radiologist. Doppler images may be added to evaluate vessels or blood flow. In the case of breast imaging, handheld ultrasound is used to characterize lesions seen on a mammogram or found on physical exam. It is also used to guide certain breast biopsy procedures.

High-Resolution Hand-held Breast Ultrasound

Diagnostic breast ultrasound is similar to ultrasound used during pregnancy in that it uses sound waves to view organs and tissues inside the body. The scans are performed by medical health care professionals called sonographers, and interpreted by Radiologists. Sonographers typically use a hand-held probe (called a transducer) that is placed directly on and moved over the patient. A water-based gel is used to couple the ultrasound between the transducer and patient. Besides diagnosis, the Radiologist can perform procedures such as biopsies with the guidance of ultrasound. As currently applied in the medical environment, ultrasound poses no known risks to the patient.

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How do I prepare for the exam?

There is no specific preparation is needed for a breast ultrasound.

What to expect at your visit

Our spa-like atmosphere and friendly staff help reduce the stress of getting your ultrasound. When you arrive at the centre, you will be greeted by our Nurse Navigator, a Registered Nurse who will guide you through every step of your appointment.

Once your paperwork has been completed, the Nurse Navigator will escort you to one of our changing areas where you can store your belongings in a safe and secure locker, change into a comfortable robe and sit in the atrium enjoying peaceful views of Elaine’s Garden while you wait for your technician.


Below is a selection of videos from our very own team of Breast Specialists.